Texas Ballet Theater: Beauty and The Beast at Winspear Opera House

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Winspear Opera House | Dallas, Texas

Texas Ballet Theater

Winspear Opera House, Dallas, Texas is well known for it's unbelievable hospitality and for showing all of the premier evenings around, so when Texas Ballet Theater: Beauty and The Beast goes back on tour for spring, 2024, it's no surprise that such an iconic ballet would be playing at Winspear Opera House. May looks like it'll be the most memorable month of the year! If its sounds like you should be there then the next step is to purchase your entry for the evening ON Sunday 5th May 2024! Just follow the link above immediately! Don't miss your window of opportunity!

Texas Ballet Theater: Beauty and The Beast is largely considered one of the greats, it's absolutely epic, majestic if you will. New dates for this jaw dropping ballet are on general release for the spring, 2024 broadway tour. fans of the show have called it the best performance yet, with a cast of world class dancers, outstanding effects and exquisite precision in dance, it's really a mean feat. Texas Ballet Theater: Beauty and The Beast this time around is hosted by the greatest theatre house in town, the iconic Winspear Opera House, Texas, Dallas, on Sunday 5th May 2024. Winspear Opera House is perfect for Texas Ballet Theater: Beauty and The Beast, a magnificent setting, with a stress free feel, in the heart of the city and close links to all major public transport. If you want tickets to the ballet in May, you can buy directly from the link above, simply press the 'get tickets' button right away!

Texas Ballet Theater at Winspear Opera House

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