Hamilton at Winspear Opera House

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Winspear Opera House | Dallas, Texas


The renowned Alexander Hamilton is gearing up once again to make stops in cities for a captivating run. Brace yourselves, people of Dallas, Texas because HAMILTON is prepared for a exciting run in your city! Don't miss this chance to finally see the most buzzed about musical of this generation. See Alexander Hamilton embark on his life story, meeting the famed Skyler Sisters as the uprising commences.

Since Hamilton’s Broadway premiere in 2015, the musical has created ripples internationally and garnered awards, accolades, and positive reviews. It accumulated a record-breaking 16 nominations and won a staggering 11 Tony Awards in its inaugural year, including the prestigious title of Best Musical. The performance will take place live at the Winspear Opera House on Sunday 26th May 2024. Make sure to witness this acclaimed rendition of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s exceptional masterpiece!

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It's Alexander Hamilton! That bastard, foundling, son of a whore and a Scotsman, born in the center of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, destitute, and in the filth, a beggar and a petty thief, grows up to be a Hero and a Scholar, reorganizing the American banking system becoming one of the founding fathers of this great nation and ultimately dying from a gunshot wound inflicted by one of his friends… and that is just the first song in the first few minutes of the show! Come on down to Winspear Opera House in Dallas for the Sunday 26th May 2024 for three hours of clever hip-hop tunes and rap battles, which will no doubt leave you stunned, this is a enormously engaging evening out! This progressive piece of art, will grab you from the very first song, a fast-paced, lyrical line, lyrical rhyme furiously thrown at you amid spectacular set pieces and fabulous choreographed dances, will take you through the life of Alexander Hamilton in a non-stop, rapid fire recount of American independence. You do not want to miss your shot, grab your tickets right now to the most American of tales to ever grace Broadway!

Hamilton at Winspear Opera House

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