Annie at Winspear Opera House

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Winspear Opera House | Dallas, Texas


We are pleased to announce the world’s best-loved musical production, ANNIE, is making its way to Dallas, Texas! This rare opportunity to join the little girl Annie’s tale as she struggles to find her place in the world as an orphan. The production is a heartwarming and hopeful story that will surely leave the audience with a bit of tears and joy in their hearts.

The Broadway musical production Annie will be live at the Winspear Opera House on Saturday, the 16th of March, 2024, along with outstanding theatre performers and fantastic stage production. This is your chance to witness a live performance of the world’s eternal anthem of hope, “Tomorrow.”

This musical is for the entire family – buy your tickets today by clicking “GET TICKETS.” Book yours while it’s early to get the best seats in the house.

Annie at Winspear Opera House

The musical originated in the 1970s when the lyricist-director Martin Charning bought a book called “The Life and Hard Time of Little Orphan Annie.” The book piqued his interest, and he had the brilliant idea to bring Annie to life. Charnin submitted the idea to colleagues Charles Strouse, a two-time Tony-winning composer, and Thomas Meehan, a short story writer for The New Yorker. It took some convincing to get them on board for the project, but eventually, they agreed. The team was created in 1971 when they began writing the Musical. The show finally launched in 1977, making it 46 years old!

Since its debut in 1977, the Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin musical has delighted audiences with its infectiously happy and uplifting tune, lovely tale, and just the right amount of old-fashioned Broadway pizazz to spin stage magic. It later went on to win the Tony Award for Best Musical.

The musical is set during the Great Depression and follows an orphan named Annie, who is taken in by America’s richest billionaire, Oliver Warbucks. From the very start, you’ll find yourself rooting for Annie and hope she receives the love she deserves. Annie’s journey is one with its own set of hurdles and challenges – this is especially true as she struggles with the orphanage manager, Miss Hannigan. Despite everything, Annie remains hopeful as she sings “Tomorrow,” clinging to the belief that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

By the end of the production, you’ll surely be crying and clapping from the warm feeling that Annie gives you. Annie the Musical is known to touch the hearts of audiences worldwide with adorable child actors, heartfelt songs, and a happy ending.

Annie is a family-friendly show. While that generally means it’s just kid stuff, there’s a lot of adult humor in the historical, social, and cultural references sprinkled throughout. It’s certain that the whole family will enjoy the outstanding performances of the Musical’s most popular songs, such as “It’s the Hard Knock Life,” “Easy Street,” and “I Don’t Need Anything But You.”

Join the show and immerse yourself in the heartwarming tale of Annie! The musical will be live at the Winspear Opera House on Saturday, the 16th of March, 2024.

Annie at Winspear Opera House

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